What Is a Sex Cult? How Cults Reveal Our Culture

What Is a Sex Cult? How Cults Reveal Our Culture

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People who join cults are losers. Right?

They’re stupid, gullible, and desperate.

And they have super freaky sex lives.

In other words, they’re nothing like you.

You would never get sucked in. Or would you?

In What Is a Sex Cult? ex-cultist and Harvard grad Helen Zuman reveals

  • The hidden workings of the cult of busyness (which you probably belong to)

  • What cults and capitalism have in common

  • The covert cult-think at work in the 2016 election

As a bonus, you’ll also get:

  • Secret scenes from Mating in Captivity, her award-winning memoir of life at Zendik Farm

  • A hilarious look at what happens when a member of a neo-hippie cult hitches a ride with a polygamous fundamentalist Mormon

  • An inside glimpse of post-cult dating—back when people posted personal ads in newspapers, and you didn’t get to find out what your date looked like until you met

Doing time in a cult is a bitch. But it can also be an asset—when you use it to unlock the forbidden longings of your…

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